It’s no secret that the teams powering today’s consumer brands do not reflect the diversity of American consumers. This disparity is largely attributed to the inherent bias in hiring, lack of access to capital for diverse founders, and “the networking gap,” just to name a few.

Enter Project Potluck, a professional community founded by People of Color (POC) with a singular mission: to help POC build successful companies and careers in the consumer packaged goods industry.

Designed to help promote positive, long-lasting change within the industry, Ibraheem Basir, Founder and CEO of A Dozen Cousins, started Project Potluck as a first-of-its-kind organization to help BIPOC thrive in the CPG industry. Joining Basir as Founding Board Members are Ayeshah Abuelhiga, Founder and CEO of Mason Dixie Foods, and Arnulfo Ventura, CEO of Beanfields, who are coming together to improve access and representation in the space.

“Throughout my career I have done my best to make whatever space I am in more welcoming and equitable for other people of color, and Project Potluck is a natural continuation of that work,” Basir said in a press release. “The beautiful thing about the CPG industry is that almost everyone in America uses these products on a daily basis. Project Potluck is not just going to help people of color build more successful companies and careers, but over time it’s going to improve the quality of the products and brands that we all use. Ayeshah and Arnulfo have been instrumental in bringing this organization to life, and I am excited to have them as partners on the journey.”

Check out a behind-the-scenes capture of the Project Potluck kickoff call via Zoom:

Project Potluck Kickoff

Read on to discover some ways you can support the initiative and stay in the know.

If you identify as a Person-Of-Color:
• At the website, join the mailing list;
• At the website, sign up to be a mentee;
• Share Project Potluck with any of your POC friends in the industry;
• On LinkedIn, request to join the Project Potluck CPG Group here.

If you are of any background:
• At the website, join the mailing list;
• Share Project Potluck with any of your POC friends in the industry;
• At the website, and if you feel your experience level is sufficient, sign up to be a mentor.