ForceBrands is proud to introduce CreatorForce, its specialized hiring practice for creator and celebrity brands. 

CreatorForce’s hiring solutions include Impactful Search® for executive search with access to elite C-suite leadership, executives, advisors, and board members; Direct Hire for consumer-focused recruitment for VP, director, and senior management positions; and a job board for hiring entry-level talent, brand ambassadors, field marketing experts, and social coordinators.

CreatorForce connects top creators, creator agencies, celebrities, tech entrepreneurs, and venture groups investing in the creator space to the strategic talent that accelerates business growth.

“The creator economy is booming with creators who are driving real industry change and changing the consumer landscape,” said Josh Wand, Founder and CEO of ForceBrands. “With built-in audiences and enormous influence, creators are at the forefront of today’s most exciting brands and they need an experienced team behind them to support them. That’s where CreatorForce comes in, offering hiring solutions to unleash that next stage of growth through strategic hires.”

CreatorForce is led by Daniella McBride who brings more than 10 years of entertainment industry experience to her role. She previously worked alongside some of the most influential agents, managers, investors, founders, celebrities, and influencers in the creator and brand incubation space. She began her career in unscripted casting and development for reality TV and documentaries for Evolution Media and production companies that worked with networks like E!, Bravo!, ABC Family, Fox, and others. She also worked at a multi-channel network called Fullscreen where she casted two SVOD shows before working in-house as a talent scout signing YouTube creators and influencers onto the platform.

The CreatorForce team is also supported editorially by Alexis Benveniste, a New York-based writer and editor whose work has been featured in The New York Times, Bloomberg, Vanity Fair, and other outlets.

Learn more about CreatorForce here. Interested in getting in touch? Reach out to Daniella here.