Never has there been a more intense focus on health and wellness than during a global pandemic. The Covid crisis has ushered in a renewed appreciation for cleaning supplies and personal care items, particularly as they relate to immunity. And despite the disruption of makeup sales during quarantine, the beauty industry continues to boom.

The historically recession-proof sector is a resilient one. As companies continue to grow and new brands emerge, attracting and retaining talent is top of mind for employers. And while employees may seek more flexible work solutions, compensation remains the most critical factor to winning over talent. Fair market salary data is a powerful tool when it comes to hiring.

In our just-released beauty salary report, we compiled data ranging from the near beginning of the pandemic in May 2020 through August 2021. We looked at companies with revenues between $10-150M that employed anywhere from 15-500 people. Our internal recruiting data features insights into key business functions that include marketing, sales, finance, operations, and HR.

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