There are a lot of unknowns about the budding cannabis industry — the timeline of federal legalization; how the structure of the industry will take shape, and where the biggest opportunities for innovation lie.

So what immediate trends are we seeing in cannabis?

What we do know is that cannabis brands emerging in states like California and Oregon are branding themselves with refined and sophisticated designs — a departure from the ‘stoner-hippie’ stigma that has been more commonly associated with marijuana in past decades.

“We’ve come a long way since the dime bag,” ForceBrands’ Director of Client Strategy, Ben Ramsey, said. “All of these brands [listed below] are beautifully and thoughtfully packaged, showcasing that cannabis is a sector where you can really get creative with design.”

Read on to discover some ‘Instagram-worthy’ innovative cannabis brands.


1. dosist
Founded in 2016, this fast-growing brand produces smartly designed vape pens that deliver measured doses of cannabis vapor. Their thoughtful design extends to their point of sale, where they have one of the smartest merchandising strategies in the business. They’ve also been named by Fast Company as one of the most innovative companies of 2018. Interested in working at dosist? Check out their open roles here.

KIVA Confections

These confections — chocolate-covered espresso beans, chocolate bars, and mints — are created by husband-wife duo Scott Palmer and Kristi Knoblich. With striking packaging and pocket-friendly dosages, KIVA was an early pioneer in the space and continues to grow rapidly.


3. Beboe
Dubbed “the Hermès of marijuana,” by the New York Times, Beboe is on a mission to provide an upscale, premium line of cannabis vaporizers and edibles for the sophisticated cannabis consumer. Founded by renowned tattoo artist Scott Campbell and former fashion executive Clement Kwan, Beboe products have attracted an A-list following.


4. Défoncé
Défoncé makes smartly-packaged high-quality ‘seed-to-bar’ artisanal chocolates that are setting high standards in the world of edible cannabis confections. The Northern California-based brand prides itself as being “the gold standard” of cannabis-infused chocolates.


5. Toast
Founded in 2014, Toast offers the first manufactured cannabis cigarette called a Slice. Its sleek and sophisticated packaging positions Toast as a luxury lifestyle brand for adults who smoke socially. Think cocktail party crowds.

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Photo Credit: Défoncé Chocolatier Facebook