The future of the wellness sector will be widely influenced by cannabis. As we gain a deeper understanding of the health properties and benefits of marijuana, more cannabis-infused wellness brands emerge as a result.

We’ve rounded up four cannabis companies with humble yet noble beginnings — founded by people seeking solutions to larger health problems. From beverages to technology platforms, these brands are setting high standards for a new approach to wellness.


1. tökr
Based in California, tökr is a technology company founded by Brian Campbell, Matt Singer, and Alex Melillo that aims to redefine how people shop for cannabis. tökr’s platform allows users to have a customized experience with cannabis — giving them exactly what they’re looking for without having to look too hard. It also allows small dispensaries to sell to a much larger audience, driving sales and increasing traffic. Users can search cannabis products based on their individual needs — to help with post-workout recovery, pain relief, stress reduction, sleep, and more.


2. dosist
dosist was founded with a simple mission: to create health and happiness. Their products are created by a team of scientists who have perfectly balanced cannabis-derived compounds for maximum and consistent benefits while eliminating some of the overwhelming psychoactive effects that are often associated with cannabis consumption. With their original Dose Pen (a vape pen that was voted one of Time Magazine’s Top 25 inventions of 2016), consumers get the perfect amount of cannabis every time. The pen optimizes temperature, timing, and airflow to ensure that every hit is flawless and that the cannabis is primed to have the best possible effect on the body. dosist offers four formulas — bliss, sleep, calm, and relief — ensuring that whatever your wellness goal may be, dosist can help you achieve it.


3. Recess
“I started Recess to solve my own problem,” Recess’s Founder and CEO Ben Witte told ForceBrands. “My entire life I’ve been a bit wired, anxious, and stressed. I began to experiment with CBD (hemp extract) and adaptogens last year to see if it could help me calm down and focus. When I began using them regularly, I felt more balanced and, as a result, more productive, creative, and happier.”

There’s undoubtedly a strong connection between mental well-being and physical well-being — feeling tense, frenzied, or stressed affects sleep, focus, and energy. This “centered-mind, centered-life” philosophy is the driving force behind Recess. Recess makes flavored sparkling waters infused with hemp extract and adaptogens that provide drinkers with a better sense of balance and clarity. With four primary ingredients — hemp to calm, ginseng to improve focus, L-theanine to reduce stress, and Schisandra to promote balance — these sparkling waters offer a wholesome approach to wellness.

sagely naturals

4. Sagely Naturals
Kerrigan Behrens and Kaley Nichol started Sagely Naturals when their mothers began complaining of various aches and pains that kept them from living their normal active lives. Firm believers in the fact that CBD is a natural healer, they concocted their own line made with organic and non-GMO hemp. The products allowed their moms to receive all of the medical benefits of CBD without any of the psychoactive side effects. They also run a Goop-esq blog that highlights all the ways cannabis can be incorporated into your lifestyle to increase overall health and wellness.

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