Project NOSH, BevNET‘s publication covering the world of entrepreneurial packaged food, kicked off its winter conference in a three-day event in Santa Monica, Calif. on November 30.

Sponsored in part by ForceBrands, NOSH Live brought together inspiring thought leaders and entrepreneurs within the food industry to exchange ideas and insights. The agenda featured speaking engagements, networking opportunities, pitch slams, and more.

The NOSH Live afterparty, powered by ForceBrands, took place Thursday and brought together food brands, investors, and registered NOSH Live attendees for a celebratory evening.

On Friday, ForceBrands’ Founder and CEO, Josh Wand, spoke on a panel about team building strategies during rapid brand growth.

Read on to see some of the best sound bites from the event’s thought leaders.

“Your people are the reason you are going to be successful.” —John Foraker, Co-Founder and CEO, Once Upon A Farm

“One mistake entrepreneurs make is [not knowing their] strengths and weaknesses.” —Brett Thomas, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, ‎CAVU Venture Partners

“The more we try to fit products into a box, the more we will fail. The industry needs curiosity.” —Phil Lempert, President and CEO, Consumer Insight Inc.

“If you can’t explain your business in one or two sentences, you do not understand your company.” —Mike Schneider, Chief Marketing Officer,

“Eat like your life depends on it.” —Mark Sisson, New York Times bestselling author and founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, Primal Kitchen and Primal Kitchen Restaurants