In a push to stay relevant among health-conscious consumers, PepsiCo announced on Monday that it will launch its new personalized beverage initiative Drinkfinity in the U.S.

Drinkfinity combines portable pods with water in a specially designed, reusable, BPA-free vessel to create beverage blends in a variety of flavors. The concept was first piloted in Brazil in 2014.

“Drinkfinity is a delicious new beverage option that allows today’s busy consumer the unique opportunity to personalize a drink based on their individual preferences and unique lifestyle needs,” Hernan Marina, Vice President, Global Business Innovation at Drinkfinity, said in a statement. “Better yet, Drinkfinity was made to do more than just hydrate – it was created with a simple vision to make a beverage that connects the dots between wellness and versatility, while trying to balance the needs of both people and the planet.”

In addition to offering 30-80 calorie beverages (per 20-ounces) that are free of artificial sweeteners and flavors, the company will also donate $1 to for every 2018 sale in the U.S. The donations will help provide one year of safe water for one person in the developing world, up to $100,000.

“We are extremely proud to launch Drinkfinity in the United States,” Luis Montoya, President, PepsiCo Latin America Beverages and Drinkfinity, said in a statement. “Developing a brand ‘intrapreneurially’ within PepsiCo has been an incredible experience and one that we believe will create insights for the broader organization.”

The 20-ounce water vessel is available for $20 and the pods are available in packs of four, varying in price between $5 and $6.50. The company is also offering a subscription model for a discounted rate.

Read the full statement here.