Searching for a new job often begins online. In fact, the majority of job searches — 80 percent of them —were conducted online in 2022, according to Zippia.

For employers, this means that special attention must be paid to job postings as they’re often the first touchpoints candidates experience during the online hiring process.

Creating a compelling job listing that attracts qualified candidates and encourages them to apply takes more than writing a thoughtfully crafted job description.

We asked ForceBrands’ Client Success Manager Justin Sligh for tips on how to maximize the job board experience. What should employers be most mindful of when creating their job listings? Read on to discover what he had to say.

Do your research

“I would encourage clients to first conduct some research and look at similar roles that are on the job board,” Sligh said. “See how others are selling the role to candidates. What are they including or excluding? How can you make yours stand out from the rest?”

Browsing similar listings may give you a competitive advantage to get in front of top talent.

Describe growth opportunities — especially for entry-level roles

There are a lot of ways to appeal to candidates in a job posting. One of the biggest ones? Describe the role’s evolution and where there will be opportunities for professional growth and development.

“The bullet list is not appealing,” Sligh said. “Simply listing out responsibilities isn’t as effective as showing that there’s an established progression and growth plan. Talk about what that progression looks like, especially for junior roles.”

The job description should also outline any relevant training to better showcase the plan and expectations for the role.

Include compensation and benefits

Whether or not you’re in a state that mandates salary pay transparency, it’s a good idea to include a salary range so candidates know what to expect and can better gauge if they’re qualified for the position.

“Compensation should absolutely be listed,” Sligh says. “The more transparent the employer is about the role, the more likely they’ll be to attract the most qualified candidates.”

In addition, Sligh notes that employers should include details about the company’s benefits package.

How the role fits within the team

Understanding the team’s structure and how the role fits within the organization is often overlooked in the job description.

“Use the job posting as an opportunity to describe how the role interacts with team members. Are there weekly meetings with the CEO? Who does the role report to?”

When it comes to job postings, Sligh encourages employers to provide as many relevant, thoughtful, transparent details as possible to provide the best summary of the role and its expectations.

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