There’s a lot happening in the beverage alcohol space. The pandemic proved that low- and non-alc beverages are here to stay as consumers quarantined and became increasingly focused on health and wellness. Ready-to-drink beverages are in and e-commerce sales are booming.

With all these shifts, companies are evolving. Teams are being redesigned to keep up with changing consumer habits and behaviors. As industry experts in the space, we tapped into our own recruiting data to provide insight into fair market compensation — the most important factor for attracting and retaining today’s talent.

In our newly released beverage alcohol salary report, we compiled data ranging from the near beginning of the pandemic in May 2020 through August 2021. We looked at companies with revenues between $10-150M that employed anywhere from 15-500 people. Our internal recruiting data features insights into key business functions that include marketing, sales, finance, operations, and HR.

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