In recent years, consumers have been taking a closer look at the ingredients that not only go into their foods but into their beauty products. Research reveals that chemicals used in cosmetics are absorbed into our bodies and are a likely link to illnesses and various forms of cancer. Many people have since turned to all natural, non-toxic “clean brands” for their beauty needs, spawning a new category that is now mainstream.

The clean beauty market is expected to generate nearly $22 billion globally by 2024, doubling from $11 billion in 2016, according to Statista. In other words, clean beauty is in and is here to stay.

As the space gets more crowded, we’re highlighting a select few brands with powerful products and purpose-driven teams.


1. Beautycounter
Beautycounter is one of the leading voices in the cosmetics revolution. The U.S. hasn’t issued a federal law regulating the safety of ingredients since 1938, meaning that the vast majority of ingredients in skincare and cosmetics have gone unchecked. Beautycounter has taken it upon themselves to eliminate 1,500 questionable or harmful ingredients thanks to their “Never List.” They are also committed to constantly reviewing the data surrounding cosmetic ingredients to ensure that their products are some of the safest on the market. They share their findings with the general public so that consumers can better educate themselves about the products they’re choosing to use. This company would make a great career fit (or beauty pick) for activists and those who are passionate about continuously learning.

TULA Skincare

2. TULA Skincare
A clean skincare brand powered by probiotics and superfoods, TULA Skincare has taken the beauty world by storm since its launch in 2014. Helmed by gastroenterologist Dr. Raj, the skincare line applies the science and concepts of gut health to the skin, resulting in a slew of cult-status products. TULA’s cleansers, moisturizers, and other potions are all backed by extensive research, making this the ideal workplace for those who are interested in the science behind cosmetics, or for those who’d love to work for a female-centric company.

Pronounced “luxe-me,” this purposeful skincare brand goes beyond charity to provide work (at 3x the local wage) for women in countries and areas where they may not otherwise have it. LXMI’s products are made from pure, raw ingredients, and from natural and organic botanicals that are often safe enough to eat. The company was founded in 2015 by Leila Janah, an inaugural member of Sephora Accelerate — a program dedicated to building a community of innovative female founders in beauty — and became the first brand founded by a Sephora Accelerate to launch in stores (a major beauty milestone). This is the perfect beauty company for those who have a social justice mindset and who are interested in tackling issues like fair wage, childhood malnutrition, and human trafficking.

Talent Market Report

4. Oars + Alps
Oars + Alps is a natural skincare company for men. While all their products are truly outstanding, the star of their lineup is their natural deodorant that works just as effectively as other standard deodorant options on the market. Like Beautycounter, Oars + Alps have a list of 1,000 ingredients they’ve banned from their products, ensuring everything they offer is non-toxic and safe for use by all. The brand has also partnered with SOS Outreach, which places 5,000 at-risk youth in an outdoor sports and mentoring program, aimed at helping them reach a better future. Oars + Alps provides SOS Outreach with product donations, proceeds from sales, and custom programming over other things. Beauty lovers who support this line can feel good knowing that their money is going toward a much greater cause.

Juice Beauty

5. Juice Beauty
One of the first effective organic beauty brands, Juice Beauty offers a whole range of award-winning products. Their ingredients all come from West Coast certified organic farms, are manufactured in the U.S. with solar and wind power, and are packaged in sustainable containers with soy ink. But Juice Beauty goes beyond creating totally sustainable products — they have also partnered with Breast Cancer Prevention Partners and Environmental Working Group and their causes. The Nothern California company would make a perfect fit for those looking to be more eco-friendly and who would like to make an impact in areas outside the cosmetics industry.

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