Hungry for a new career in marketing? Do you have a passion for building brands and bringing their stories to life? These healthy food brands are actively hiring marketing directors, social media managers, and more. Natural food jobs are just a click away.

Jobs in the organic food industry are soaring. So if you’re ready to put your skills to work — and have an appetite for success — look no further than our job board. We’ve rounded up some delicious natural food jobs from companies, hand-picked just for you, that are making hiring moves in marketing. Check out some featured food companies below and apply now.

Athletic Greens

Launched in 2010, Athletic Greens is on a mission to bring comprehensive and convenient daily nutrition to just about everybody. Originators of the Essentialist Nutrition movement, their philosophy is to focus on a very small number of products based on what the latest science indicates is essential to human health. AG1 is made from the highest quality ingredients, in accordance with the strictest standards and obsessively improved based on the latest science. The product packs 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole-food sourced nutrients in one convenient daily serving. Interested in working at Athletic Greens? Explore some open roles here.


Gainful is changing the way people shop for nutrition products to support their active lifestyle and help them achieve their fitness goals. Launched in 2017, Gainful is backed by some of the world’s best venture investors (including Y Combinator, Dorm Room Fund, BrandProject, Courtside VC, AF Ventures, and Round13 Capital). Gainful combines personalization with the highest quality ingredients to make sports nutrition accessible for every body. Their first three products include Personalized Protein Powder, Hydration, and Pre-Workout. Explore jobs at Gainful here.


Brightland was born to elevate the simple, analog moments in the kitchen. Their hero products are consciously crafted extra virgin olive oils and fruit-forward vinegars from California. ⁠They leverage their editorial platform Field Notes to feature delicious recipes and interviews with artists and tastemakers. The company prides itself on supporting small U.S.-based family farms, traceability, and analog living. Brightland’s mission is to pursue living in a golden state by celebrating everyday elegance, conscious actions towards better health, and being fully engaged in the present. Browse open jobs at Brightland here.

Maxine’s Heavenly

Maxine’s Heavenly makes homemade-style cookies made for today. The company took an original family recipe from the 1950s and adapted it to reflect today’s values in food. Their cookies are sweetened with smarter sugars like coconut sugar and dates. Maxine’s Heavenly has built a fast-growing brand known for taste-defying treats made with the highest integrity ingredients. They take pride in creating a super-soft, homemade-style taste experience that you can usually only find in your own kitchen. Browse open jobs at Maxine’s Heavenly here.


ALOHA is an employee-owned and operated company committed to making the healthiest, best-tasting plant-based protein products on the planet. ALOHA’s product portfolio includes protein bars, protein drinks, and protein powders that taste as good as they are for you, proving you don’t have to sacrifice taste for nutrition. All of ALOHA’s products are sustainably sourced and thoughtfully packaged with deep respect for both people and the environment. Browse open jobs at ALOHA here.

This post was last updated on January 31, 2022