According to Gallup, employee recognition can save companies billions of dollars. In fact, researchers found that employers lose out on approximately $20 million for every 10,000 workers who feel drained from their workplaces. In other words, employee burnout is costly — not just for the worker.

Employee burnout can largely be attributed to feeling overwhelmed with workload responsibilities. In addition, it’s not uncommon for burned-out employees to feel disconnected from the role itself.

Keeping employees engaged and happy during the pandemic upheaval has proven challenging at best for employers. Engagement is critical for the success of the workforce and the overall health of the business. One of the most effective ways to improve engagement is to recognize and reward employees for their effort.

We asked our LinkedIn audience if they felt their work was appropriately recognized by their employer. The majority of respondents (59 percent) answered no, while 28 percent said they do feel that their company recognizes their contributions. Twelve percent of respondents said they were unsure.

We checked in with the comments section for additional insight.

“My work gets praised by directors but they don’t know I’m behind the work,” one poll taker who responded ‘Other’ wrote. “My boss is very good at wording emails that present work to higher directors.”

Other comments suggested that the poll’s findings were interesting and that “the numbers don’t lie.”

Engaging employees during the post-pandemic workforce isn’t easy, but the employers that prioritize the wellbeing of their employees will ultimately prove to be the most successful in the long-term.

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