What is a Chief Productivity Officer and why does your team need one?

According to Entrepreneur.com, in order for technology to effectively boost workplace productivity, it needs to be enforced by someone. Enter the Chief Productivity Officer (CPO) whose role is to maximize and oversee technology’s services so that the company is reaching its business objectives.

Here are a few key reasons why your team needs one:

1. CIO and IT Roles Have Changed
The responsibilities of these roles are no longer exclusive to technical projects. As business moves into the digital space and more companies move to the cloud, people in these roles are required to possess a wider array of skills that include data and project management and corporate financial skills.

2. Business No Longer Operates in Silos
Take marketing and sales teams, for example. These teams must work cooperatively to ensure they have all the relevant information necessary to close sales. Employee onboarding also requires the involvement of several departments including HR, finance, legal, and IT. A CPO ensures that the most effective processes are in place to enhance efficiency and productivity.

3. Remote Workers Require Structure
According to a 2016 Gallup report, 43 percent of Americans have spent time working remotely. While some studies suggest the virtual workplace may be a happier, more productive one, it requires a different kind of management to provide the structure necessary to meet business goals. The CPO is tasked with managing the best most collaborative software as well as motivating remote employees.

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