If you’re one of the many workers who transitioned to a remote workplace amid the pandemic, you’ve very likely had to adjust your schedule. With the absence of a morning commute, the rhythm of your daily routine has been altered.

An article from Employee Benefit News highlights how morning routines hold the key to optimizing WFH life.

Author of “Beating Burnout At Work,” Paula Davis says morning routines set the tone for the rest of the day. Similar to how micro-habits ultimately create a foundation for sustainable growth, beginning each day with small wins can help lay the framework for the rest of the remote work day. This is especially important for those who work from home.

To make the most of your workday, burnout experts advise establishing healthy habits like making your bed, choosing an outfit, or going for a walk. Sticking to a routine can foster a sense of accomplishment that can empower us to maximize our days and find fulfillment from wherever we’re working.

“When we see a sense of progress in really small ways, in goals that really matter to us, it’s enormously motivational,” Davis told Employee Benefit News. “And seeing that sense of progress refuels us to keep doing more of the same.”

Marketing intern and TikTok influencer Nicole Calloway, who often shares her morning routines on the viral social platform, cites the importance of showing up for yourself. Her morning routine sets off a “domino effect” that carries motivation and productivity through the remainder of her day.

For those looking to revamp their morning routines, experts encourage people to start small and stay consistent. Our days start in the mornings and what we do in those first few waking hours is key to making the most of them.

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