Whether you wanted help perfecting your cover letter or were intrigued by companies with unique perks and the teams behind them, here are the most popular stories from the ForceBrands Newsroom in 2018.

Articles about team culture and advice on hiring best practices topped the list. Read on to explore 2018’s top stories.

1. 5 Things a Hiring Manager Never Wants to See On a Résumé

Spelling errors are career enders, according to ForceBrands’ digital sales team about the most detrimental résumé mistakes candidates make. Candidates should take their time crafting their résumé as it’s the most important document when it comes to getting first noticed by employers. [Read More]

2. 4 Companies in Food and Beverage with Unique Perks

Unlimited PTO, office beer taps, free lunches — you’ve probably heard of all the best office perks by now. But perhaps what you don’t know is that 57 percent of job seekers cite office perks among their top considerations before taking a new job, according to a 2017 survey conducted by the job site Glassdoor. In other words, office perks matter. [Read More]

3. 4 Interview Questions You Should Never Ask (and What to Ask Instead)

An interview is an opportunity to showcase who you are, why you’re the best fit for the role, and what makes you stand out from other candidates. While there are some rules of etiquette — like dress code and behavior — that are universal to the interview process, determining the best questions to ask is often trickier to navigate as no two interviews are the same. [Read More]

4. 4 Global Food & Beverage Companies That Have Cracked the Code On Employee Retention

When employees enter the workforce today, they no longer expect to work for the same company until they retire: the average employee tenure at a given job is about 4.2 years, and 65 percent of people in the workforce feel that they could find a more engaging position with higher pay and benefits. Many employees also switch jobs if they’re seeking a more positive company culture or opportunities for growth. [Read More]

5. 5 Most Outrageous Résumé Mistakes (So You Can Avoid Them)

Your résumé says a lot about you. It’s not just a single sheet of paper highlighting your career experiences and accomplishments, it’s often the first impression employers have of you during the hiring process. In other words, it could be your ticket to landing a career-changing role. [Read More]

6. Healthy Food Companies Actively Hiring for Marketing Roles

Hungry for a new career in marketing? Do you have a passion for building brands and bringing their stories to life? These healthy food brands are actively hiring Brand Managers, Ambassadors, and more. [Read More]

7. 7 Female-Founded Food Startups to Watch

Where are all the female founders? In 2017, just 17 percent of startups were founded by womenaccording to TechCrunch’s CrunchBase directory of 43,008 venture-funded companies. [Read More]

8. 5 Best Questions to Ask in the Beginning Interview Stages

First impressions go a long way, especially during the hiring process. We checked in with our top recruiters to uncover helpful tips on how candidates can stand out from the competition during the earliest stages of interviewing. [Read More]

9. Peek Inside 5 Unique Distilleries and Breweries That Are Actively Hiring

Office spaces are often reflective of a company’s culture. From open workplaces that foster team collaboration to unique headquarters in historic landmarks, we’ve rounded up some of the most innovative places to work in the beverage industry where the office spaces are as dynamic as the companies themselves.

10. 5 Interview Questions Guaranteed to Impress Any Hiring Manager

Some interview questions are better than others. We asked our team of recruiters to share the questions they love to hear prospective candidates ask during the interview process. Read on to discover some expert interview tips from our insiders.

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