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  • Behind the Teams of 4 Healthy Energy Drink Brands

    In 2016, the global energy drink market was valued at $43 billion. The rapid growth of this beverage sector is largely attributed to busier lifestyles that have forced consumers to rely on caffeine and other stimulants to get them through their hectic days. Nearly 40 percent of the female market and 60 percent of the […]

  • More Labs

    Inside More Labs’ Rebrand and Launch Into Retail

    The team behind More Labs (formerly 82 Labs) is every bit as ambitious as its scientifically engineered products. It’s no surprise then that their supplements, meant to dispatch daily stressors, are created by problem solvers who are ‘in the business of outsmarting themselves,’ as described on their website. Backed by science and extensive research, More […]

    • Beverage
    • March 18, 2019
    • Rebecca Fryer