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    ForceBrands Introduces CreatorForce Hiring Practice for the Creator Economy

    ForceBrands is proud to introduce CreatorForce, its specialized hiring practice for creator and celebrity brands.  CreatorForce’s hiring solutions include Impactful Search® for executive search with access to elite C-suite leadership, executives, advisors, and board members; Direct Hire for consumer-focused recruitment for VP, director, and senior management positions; and a job board for hiring entry-level talent, […]

    • CreatorForce
    • April 25, 2023
    • Rebecca Fryer
  • computer screen with chatgpt

    We Talked to ChatGPT About Creators and Creator Brands; Here’s What Happened

    Hi ChatGPT! Let’s talk about creators. Sure, I’d be happy to talk about creators! What specifically would you like to discuss? What is a creator? A creator is someone who makes something original or innovative. They can be artists, musicians, writers, designers, programmers, inventors, or anyone who produces something new and unique. Creators can work […]

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    ForceBrands Is the Force Behind Building Creator Brands

    One of the things we pride ourselves on at ForceBrands is having a unique, front-row seat to the world of consumer brands. Because we focus on executive search and leadership recruitment, we’re able to assess a brand’s potential and scalability through its investment in human capital.  There’s a direct relationship between hiring and profitability. And […]