Professional development is a broad topic that spans many industries and seniority levels. From entry-level employees to executives with years of experience, there is always something new to learn. Professional development programs aim to expand knowledge and sharpen skill sets, ultimately helping employees take their careers to the next level.

Many companies think that the American workforce lacks the skills they are looking for to build their teams. They hire primarily based on attitude and compatible personality, and look at the long-term potential to teach them what they need to know. It is easier to work with those eager to learn who are receptive to instructions, instead of an employee who knows how to fulfill their role but does not fit the culture. When we look at the statistics for professional development, we see that according to Lorman, “59 percent of employees invest in their own upskilling to a certain extent, and 76 percent of millennials believe professional development opportunities are one of the most important aspects of company culture.”

Professional development programs that make an impact

In today’s modern workforce, professional development is in demand. Here are some of the programs available for every level of employee. 

1. Summit Junto

Summit Junto is a highly curated and personalized professional development program. The program is structured into 12 months and boasts a tailored board of advisors that acts as a support system to connect members who wish to support and learn from each other. The program aims to create a space for members to mutually help each other through challenges and share complex professional and personal obstacles and opportunities in a confidential environment. 

Summit Junto is a place for people of all industries to come together and inspire each other. Groups are curated to bring like-minded people together on intimate retreats that include ocean liners, private islands, tent villages, and more. Because the program offers unique opportunities to connect and engage, members are raving. According to one member, “This program has been so incredibly fulfilling. It has helped me learn so much about myself, but most of all it has introduced me to a group of lifelong friends who are truly family to me. It’s been a priceless experience.” Chief Marketing Officer of Curaleaf, Jason White, said, “I’m so grateful to my Junto Group. We found a deep commonality and ability to help one another professionally very early on in the process.”

2. CPG Executive Summit

In the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, Consumer Brands Association is organizing a professional development program at the end of 2021 in Sea Island, Ga. The event is designed to bring together executives and senior-level employees for a unique experience. The 36-hour event will feature 100 CPG industry leaders. Some topics the program aims to explore are diversity, inclusion, sustainability, and the future.

3. BetterUp

BetterUp is a professional development program that focuses on your career and you. The program is designed to help you identify your purpose and be confident in your focus. The program offers a human approach to holistic life coaching, backed by science and technology to help you achieve your goals. Whether it’s better work-life balance, parenting while working, or moving forward in your career, BetterUp offers support so that you can live your most full life. 

While this program can help you with whatever you need in your professional life and spans many different topics, each is optimized and specialized for you. It is as unique as you are, and a coach can help you with conversations that change lives. 

4. Thriver

While the other programs on this list are for individual professional growth, Thriver looks to help teams with programs to help them flourish. These are the kinds of programs that make employees want to stay at a job. According to Lorman, “86 percent of millennials would be kept from leaving their current position if training and development were offered by their employer.” Programs like these keep millennials and other generations of workers engaged and improve retention. This program offers meal health support, employee training and coaching, consulting, and executive leadership coaching.