So you found a new job. The exhausting search that entails tailoring your résumé and preparing for interviews is over — congrats! Now what?

Coming into a new workplace is like joining a class mid-way through the school year. Some people are natural extroverts who transition easily, while others are more likely to struggle. According to The Cut, it takes most candidates about three months to fully and comfortably settle into a new job. Being fully settled means you get to be your authentic self, and researchers in 2013 found that people who can show their true personality at work are more focused and engaged at work and are more likely to actually enjoy their jobs.

We asked ForceBrands team members for pieces of advice on how to settle into a new job with ease. Read on for the tips from ForceBrands’ Executive Recruiter Danielle Weiss and Digital Client Strategist Luke LaClair.

1. Introduce yourself
This might be an obvious one but it tends to be overlooked. Make an effort and introduce yourself to people around you and co-workers on your team. Depending on the size of the company, not everyone will have time to come to you and introduce themselves, so taking the initiative during the first few days and weeks will benefit you in the long-term.

2. Socialize More
Take things further by trying to get to know your co-workers and connecting with them. Doing that during work hours can be tricky so ask your co-workers to lunch, coffee, or drinks after work. Weiss says it could be helpful to ask your co-worker for a recommendation for the best lunch place in the area and then ask them if they would like to join. Connecting with your colleagues on social networks after getting to know them better will help to create a stronger bond. LaClair says it’s important that your co-workers are not just people you work with but are people who you can spend time with outside of work.

3. Make yourself at home
Many people underestimate how important your workspace is and end up neglecting their desk. Weiss says that decorating your desk is a simple way to help put you at ease and feel more comfortable. Lights, plants, a family photo, or your favorite water bottle can add a nice touch. “Surround yourself with things that make you feel comfortable or make you feel more at home in a new work environment,” Weiss says. Just be mindful of your neighbors’ personal space and avoid going overboard.

4. Set up one-on-one meetings with your manager
Weiss suggests you meet with your managers on a weekly basis, so you can really get to know them and figure out what you should be focusing on. Be over-communicative and proactive about everything in the early stages until you figure out the inner workings of the company. Get as many details as possible for the upcoming assignments and goals to make sure you hit the mark.

5. Set goals and ask for feedback
In addition to team goals, set your own goals of what you personally would like to accomplish in your new role. Ask your manager or supervisor for feedback on your completed projects and what you could improve currently and in the future. Constructive feedback is good for your professional growth.

6. Be yourself
Being your authentic self is your best bet when it comes to making connections in a new workplace, creating a trusting relationship with your manager, and climbing the career ladder. While it can be nerve-wracking to show your true self in a new environment full of strangers, the more you open up to people, the more they will be willing to open up to you in return.

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