The world’s largest industry trade show for natural, organic, and healthy products is coming to Anaheim, Calif. this week in a three-day event that will run from Thursday through Saturday. We checked in with our experts to get a sneak peek of what you can expect to see at Natural Products Expo West 2018.

“I predict people will be ‘reinventing’ a lot of the same things we’ve been seeing,” Eva Scofield, a Client Strategist at ForceBrands, said. Scofield, who works with companies of all sizes to help provide structure and organization to their teams, anticipates that ancient spices and roots will continue to trend, but that they will likely be presented in unusual forms.

Read on to explore seven natural product trends that will likely be seen among the 3,500 exhibitors at Expo West.

1. Cannabidiol Products
Cannabidiol (one of the main components of cannabis that has mild psychoactive effects) will appear in topical and digestible products — think ointments, daily powders, chocolate, and more.

2. Unique Puffed and Dehydrated Products
Innovative snack brand popchips recently debuted their peanut butter and chocolate flavored ‘nutter puffs’ that come in other flavors like peanut butter and honey. Expect puffed and dehydrated snacks to take on new shapes and flavors.

3. More Plantain Chips
Look for brands like barnana debuting their own version of these increasingly popular snacks. And be on the lookout for wacky flavors.

4. Ancient Spices and Roots
Turmeric has been around for thousands of years yet there has been a rediscovery of it that has caused tumeric-based products to surge in popularity over the past few years. Look for this ancient spice and more but expect to find it in innovative new forms — think beyond the turmeric latte and look for maca root popsicles and turmeric yogurts.

5. Plant-Based Everything
Meat and dairy substitutions are gaining in popularity and people are looking to plants to offer sustainable solutions.

6. Stress Solutions
Expect to see more herb-infused and mineral-rich products (that don’t interrupt the sleep cycle) to dominate the future of the wellness landscape.

7. Upcycled Innovations
Brands like barnana (made from upcycled bananas) are jumping at the opportunity to help reduce food waste. Look for more innovative solutions to reducing landfill-bound waste in unique product offerings.