National Beer Lovers Day (September 7) is an opportunity for beer enthusiasts to celebrate their favorite boozy beverage. We asked our team’s resident beer expert Simone Schroeder how she plans on raising a glass to toast this national holiday.

Schroeder — ForceBrands‘ Director of Client Strategy, Digital who helps candidates and clients navigate the digital job landscape — is a bonafide beer enthusiast. We sat down with the home brewer and active participant in the New York City beer community to find out how she celebrates her favorite beverage.

ForceBrands: What are your plans for National Beer Lovers Day?
Simone Schroeder: I plan to pop over to my local craft beer bottle shop to pick up some cans from local breweries from New York City.

FB: What’s on tap — what beers are you loving right now?
SS: Nearly every craft beer fan goes through a serious IPA phase (myself included), but now I can’t get enough of drinking craft lagers. My go-to is Oxbow Brewing‘s Luppolo, an unfiltered Italian pilsner brewed in Maine. Brooklyn’s Wild East Brewing also makes an excellent Czech-style pilsner called Patience & Fortitude.

FB: What are some of the best ways to celebrate National Beer Lovers Day?
SS: Support the beer industry! That can take different forms– visiting a local brewery, buying beer from your local shop, brewing beer at home, or even just promoting breweries and beer-focused businesses via your social media channels. Spread the word about great beer!

FB: Speaking of beer holidays, are you doing anything special for Oktoberfest?
SS: Many breweries will brew specific Oktoberfest beers, so I’ll make an effort to seek those out since they’re a seasonal offering. The New York City Brewers Guild also hosts an annual ‘Blocktoberfest’ beer festival each year, which is a great place to try beer from New York City all in one place.

We’ll cheers to that!

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Photo Credit: Simone Schroeder