Have you ever heard of the expression, Rome wasn’t built in a day? The adage suggests that greatness takes time. And several behavior experts agree that this theory isn’t only true, but it may also be the key to unlocking your growth potential.

According to the author of “Atomic Habits,” James Clear, personal and professional growth can be achieved by implementing small positive habits over time. But how much time exactly?

Clear says that if you become 1 percent better each day, then you will be 37 times improved by the end of the year. A recent Entrepreneur article broke it down even further: 1 percent of 16 waking hours each day equates to 9.6 minutes.

The idea of micro-habits isn’t new but it may be the easiest on-ramp for creating sustainable change, especially in today’s increasingly chaotic world.

Ask yourself; what small improvements can you make in fewer than 10 minutes each day?

Maybe it’s going for a short walk, stretching, drinking water, or simply being more consciously aware of your breathing. Whatever vision you have of your improved future self can be accomplished by adapting to micro-habits.

Applying micro-habits at work

When it comes to the working world, leaders should consider implementing micro-habits in their day-to-day work — micro-breaks, shorter meetings, exchanging quick team wins, and so forth.

Building positive habits in the workplace and at home will more than likely create a sense of space, freedom, and energy.

So the next time you set goals and chart a course for a long-term growth vision, consider implementing healthy micro-habits.

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