A lot has changed in marketing in the food and non-alc beverage space in just a few short years. Throw in a global pandemic and the word ‘pivot’ is no longer a trend but is the norm.

We checked in with some thought leaders at today’s most innovative companies in food and non-alc beverage for a conversation about marketing. Andy Judd, Chief Marketing Officer at Yasso, Inc.; Kathy Maurella, Chief Marketing Officer at Waterloo Sparkling Water; and Ricky Fitzpatrick, Director of Marketing at Good Stock, shared with us their unique insights.

In our exclusive report, we explore the ripple effect the pandemic has had as it relates to marketing. What strategic decisions have today’s leaders had to make around budgets, talent management, operations, and future planning?

Here’s what they had to say.

Catch up with Kathy Maurella

Catch up with Andy Judd

Catch up with Ricky Fitzpatrick

Read the full marketing thought leadership report from ForceBrands here.