Life at ForceLife @ Force is an editorial series designed to capture what it’s like to work at ForceBrands. Get an inside look at the consumer product industry’s leading recruiting firm. 

We recently shared with you the kinds of perks and benefits ForceBrands offers its employees. And while they’re generous and competitive, there is more behind work culture than fun activities, robust health care packages, and fully stocked refrigerators. Yes, we have snacks. Yes, we work with some of the coolest brands in the CPG industry. And yes, we definitely sample some of the most innovative new products out there. Still, Sean Conner, ForceBrands’ Co-Founder and Chief Progress Officer, says that there’s a lot more to ForceBrands’ unique culture than meets the eye.

Read on to discover some of the core values that bond the ForceBrands team.

The main component of ForceBrands’ work culture is collaboration
“Everyone wants to help each other,” Conner says. “If someone is only starting to learn about a certain aspect of the industry or sales, for example, everyone else who possesses knowledge on the topic is willing to take their time and share it. It’s special.”

On the flip side, people are willing and eager to learn and expand their skill set. In the rapidly expanding CPG industry, trends are constantly changing, new technologies are being introduced, and there is always something to learn. At ForceBrands, employees keep up with the industry changes and continue to grow along with the industry. ForceBrands is entrepreneurial at its core so there are few limitations to what kind of skills within CPG you can develop and acquire while working there.

ForceBrands goes beyond just helping its own employees
Team members help and coach brands they work with and the talent they place in companies. They take pride in helping someone and seeing them grow in a company and succeeding in their career.

Conner also says that being a part of the growth of successful brands is something that helps the team to stay engaged and be excited about coming into work every day. Being able to connect brands you love with talent that can improve them and help them grow is very rewarding.

ForceBrands is also big on success and team members recognition
“We all take the time to celebrate the successes,” Conner says. Whether it’s giving shoutouts for work anniversaries, giving best wishes to someone on their birthday, or congratulating team members on hitting personal or team KPIs, everyone’s little victories get acknowledged.

“People work really hard here, and recognizing those successes is very important,” Conner says.

ForceBrands’ culture isn’t about free lunches on Fridays or its pet-friendly workspace. ForceBrands’ culture is defined by the people who make this company special by taking the time to help their colleagues and share their expertise.

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