There’s a seismic shift happening in the workforce. Over the past two years, the pandemic has ushered in a wave of changes. Many employees have transitioned from working in offices to remote locations. For others, they’re leaving their jobs altogether in a movement being dubbed The Great Resignation. This is creating notable gaps in employment that are being felt across all sectors of business. But with great change comes great opportunity. A new generation of workers is on the rise.

Enter Gen Z.

Gen Z, or those born between 1995-2010, currently represent 24 percent of all workers, with this number expected to rise to 33 percent by 2025. This number may be even more significant as we have only begun to see the oldest Gen Zers beginning to join the workforce.

Our recently released workplace report analyzes Gen Z employees in college or who have recently begun working. In partnership with St. John’s University, we surveyed 450 recent and soon-to-be college graduates between the ages of 18-27. We were curious about their social media and job searching habits, as well as their expectations for their first job after graduation. Who is Gen Z? What are they looking for in a job? Do they prefer to work remotely or in the office? What are they looking for in a position besides compensation? Where do they hang out online, and how do they look for jobs? 

We have the answers to these questions in our report to better equip you in hiring Gen Zers. A new generation of employees means that your hiring tactics must evolve with the changing workforce to succeed. To hire the top young employees of the workforce, you must focus on what your company can do for employees in addition to what they can do for you.

Ready to get to know Gen Z and how to hire them? Download our report to get started.