Gen Zers were born into a world dominated by technology. This has impacted everything from their work ethic to how they communicate with employers and coworkers. Digitally savvy and ambitious, they are motivated by different factors than older generations and expect things like more flexible work environments and growth opportunities. If these expectations aren’t met, then there is a good chance that your company will lose out on talent. 

What Gen Zers are looking for

Gen Zers are looking to make an impact with their work. They seek out companies that match their beliefs and are doing this through various means. When it comes to the job search, Gen Zers prefer human interaction. Nearly one-third of Gen Zers meet with recruiters online or in-person when searching for potential jobs. More than 60 percent of Gen Zers are searching for a business-related role like accounting, finance, or marketing.

Where Gen Zers are looking for work

If you want to hire Gen Zers, you must know where to find them. Gen Z graduates are increasingly hanging out on LinkedIn to meet employers. One-third of employed graduates use LinkedIn, while the number of unemployed graduates seeking a job on the platform is even higher.

Nine out of ten graduates from Gen Z have used a job site while looking for work. These include LinkedIn, Handshake, and Indeed among other job sites mentioned in our report. Our report states that college career services and LinkedIn are leading the job search for Gen Zers. 

What gets their attention

When hiring Gen Zers, you must know how to attract them. Advanced training opportunities, paid leave, and time off are just a few perks Gen Z employees are looking for.

While benefits, perks, and workplace features are significant to Gen Zers, their personal goals are fundamental to them as well. Gen Z workers are looking for career growth opportunities and thriving company cultures. We expand in detail on what gets the attention of Gen Zers in our ForceBrands workforce report.

Our research shows that Gen Zers are looking for a sense of purpose and creativity in their work. They want their work to be impactful and they’re not afraid to take risks. Gen Zers will dedicate themselves to a job they believe in, even if it means taking a step down the career ladder.

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