Timing is everything. When the COVID-19 crisis hit in mid-March, no one could have predicted the sheer disruption of their daily lives caused by the virus. While companies adopted remote workplaces — many reducing their overall workforces — and adjusted their business models, the timing presented a unique opportunity for the team behind PINATA to leverage their enterprise software in the earliest stages of the pandemic for a greater cause: health and wellness.

PINATA, designed to revolutionize field marketing, is a flexible, data-driven platform where brands, agencies, and freelance talent collaborate to create elevated consumer experiences. In the absence of in-person events and activations due to COVID-19, PINATA’s team developed and launched Hayday, a new workplace wellness solution software that takes care of people.

“Nobody anticipated this use case as of March or probably even April,” said PINATA’s Chief Operating Officer Ian Ferguson, who, along with ForceBrands’ and PINATA’s Founder Josh Wand, ideated the concept for Hayday. “We were able to take this to market very quickly because it is truly built on top of pre-existing enterprise software architecture that we’ve been working on for many years and happen to actually power a pretty similar set of functions but for an entirely different use case.”

And Hayday’s use case could not be more in demand.

“I’m really bullish on [Hayday]. I personally believe that it’s far beyond COVID and it’s far beyond this pandemic. The feedback we’ve been getting from employers is that regardless of the pandemic, we want to make sure our employees feel good every day,” Wand said.

For leaders of organizations of all sizes, Hayday offers a versatile solution to also engage with remote employees through surveys and personal check-ins. It’s this spirit of collaboration that’s helping to bring businesses of all levels back to work safely. “Being able to partner and collaborate with other like-minded organizations is really such an important part of our mission because we feel that by collaborating, we’re going to be able to serve so many,” Wand said.

The Hayday health screening for work application is a branded, friendly experience for the challenges of a new normal, and provides employers, managers, and HR teams with clear, real-time details about their employees’ health with a series of screening questions and three clear outcomes: On Track to work, At Risk, and Out Sick. If any staff member’s work health assessment answers raise red flags that represent risk or illness, management, and HR is immediately alerted, ensuring the safety and health of colleagues, clients, and visitors. Learn more about how Hayday works here.

On the Perks of Using Hayday
“There’s an HR compliance checkbox. But I also think it’s going to be a happiness checkbox. Companies are really going to want this.” —Wand

On Making Workplace Wellness Fun
“We’ve always taken the approach to enterprise software that even though this is work, it can be joyful, it can be beautiful, it can be fun. And we really wanted to double down on that in this particular use case because [a health screening] is otherwise sort of scary, sort of clinical, and sort of medical. Hayday is a welcoming start to the workday.” —Ferguson

On What Makes Hayday Unique
“By building something that is standalone, super simple, and simple easy to get started with, I think we actually deliver on what the human resources community is looking for, which is a one-off solution for this new specific problem.” —Ferguson

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