Field marketing looks a lot different since the outbreak of COVID-19. The shift from in-person experiences to virtual interactions has made it challenging for brands to connect with audiences. Companies have been forced to redirect their field marketing efforts online and get creative on how to maximize their impact digitally.

With an end hopefully in sight — with vaccines being distributed globally — many consumer brands are hopeful to return to the field this year and resume field marketing activities. Still, many uncertainties remain. When should brands return to the field? How should they be preparing their teams?

What will field marketing look like in the post-pandemic world?

ForceBrands’ sister company, PINATA, which is revolutionizing field marketing, is launching a Future of Field series designed to explore this topic in more detail with industry insiders. The webinar series will feature leaders across the food, beverage, and cannabis industries and will seek to share their perspectives on the lessons of 2020 and how to leverage them to move forward in 2021.

Topics of discussion include:

• Major learnings from 2020: Wins, surprises, and takeaways
• What key factors will reshape your strategy
• Findings from PINATA’s Future of Field survey
• How industry leaders are navigating the uncertainty
• Has field marketing changed? Does it have a place in future marketing strategies?

The first webinar kicks off Thursday, January 21 at 2 pm EST. Register today to reserve your spot for this not-to-be-missed conversation with panelists that include Tony Flannigan, Trade Marketing Manager at Mr. Black Spirits; Vivian Wang, Director of Experience at MPlant Productions; and Lauren Doyle, Customer Development Lead at Jyve.

Register here.