The Great Resignation has caused a major disruption in the workforce. But perhaps the silver lining to this ‘Great Reshuffle‘ is that it’s encouraged us to reconsider what matters most to us when it comes to working.

As it turns out, money can only go so far. Who we work with and where we work is fundamental to our happiness and productivity. Company culture has never been more important.

When sizing up a new career opportunity, candidates often ask themselves if they ‘see themselves there.’ In other words, they want to be sure they’ll be a good match for the company.

We’ve heard of the term ‘culture fit’ before but in a trending LinkedIn post, Culture Circle Founder Charisse Fontes argues that it’s a myth.

“Culture fit indicates a pre-determined box that you want someone to form and assimilate in,” she writes. And “by design, it’s exclusive.”

She cites the changing nature of company culture as one of the main reasons why ‘culture add’ matters more. “Culture is continuously evolving, she says. “What fits now won’t fit later.”

So is ‘culture fit’ overrated? Signs point to yes.

It’s not about fitting in; it’s about belonging. According to Fontes, “Culture ‘add’ invests in the culture’s evolution, company success, and empowers the human.”

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