Would you take a pay cut for your dream job?

It’s a tough question but it may be easier to answer depending on what your role is, says LinkedIn‘s latest Workforce Confidence Index. The survey analyzed 25 careers to see who’s most tempted to leave their current role for one that’s more enjoyable but offers less pay.

We wanted to check in with you to see what you had to say on the matter.

In a ForceBrands LinkedIn poll, we asked you to weigh in about the cost of your dream job — specifically, if you would take a pay cut for a near-perfect opportunity. The majority (55 percent) of the more than 2,000 respondents said they would. Twenty-six percent said they wouldn’t risk losing out on more money even for the perfect opportunity, while 19 percent it would depend.

We asked our audience to sound off in the comments section below. Here are a few of the thoughts you shared.

“I’ve taken a pay cut for my dream job and it was 1,000 percent worth it,” said Kate Weltz, the Director of Marketing at Jetty Extracts.

Cindy Woodman, Trade Marketing Manager at Colangelo & Partners, replied in agreement: “I did the same and am living my best life. Money is not everything. One thousand percent worth it.”

Others cited economic reasons for their decision.

“Not in these inflation times, sadly,” said Krizia V., who works in digital marketing at CRM Project Management. Another survey respondent agreed. Scott Quincy, Director of Sales Operations for Spindrift Spiked, said, “Not in this economy! Can’t afford it.”

Most of the comments were more practical:

“A dream job would also come with a dream salary, otherwise it wouldn’t be a dream job,” said Nic Shackleton,
Senior Product Marketing Manager at Amazon Grocery.