What does a Client Strategist at ForceBrands do? And what exactly is client strategy? We checked in with ForceBrands’ Jessica Tully, Director of Client Strategy and Operations, to learn more.

“A ForceBrands Client Strategist works closely with our consumer brand partners to identify their unique hiring needs,” Tully said. “Once we identify those hiring needs with our partners, then we work with our internal recruitment team to present top talent to our clients, and we’re really there to support our clients every step of the way.”

Tully went on to discuss what she finds most rewarding about the work that she’s doing.

“We play a small part in helping our brands build out world-class teams, and watching our placements be part of a brand’s success is a phenomenal feeling.”

What it’s like to work at ForceBrands

Inside client strategy at ForceBrands

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