At the end of each year, the networking career platform LinkedIn releases its list of big ideas. The site’s editors aggregate feedback from its community of Top Voices and creators to offer predictions for the year ahead.

What will 2023 have in store and what will it mean for the future of work, home, and everywhere in between?

Below, we’re highlighting just of few of the ideas that will specifically shape business, the workplace, and hiring:

Hybrid work will be the norm

To return to the office or not. That will be the great workplace conundrum employers will face in 2023 as some CEOs have already demanded that workers return to their desks full-time. Unsurprisingly, the hybrid approach will reign triumphant. According to a LinkedIn Economic Graph analysis, remote job postings are declining. However, the demand for them among employees is not: one in seven job postings on LinkedIn in the U.S. offered remote work as an option in October and those postings attracted more than half of all job applications. Flexibility is already defining the future of the workforce. Expect hybrid arrangements to become more formalized in 2023.

Companies will say goodbye to glamorous headquarters

The corporate office may not become a thing of the past in 2023 but it will be a rarity, according to LinkedIn’s community. Tech giants like Meta, Lyft, and Salesforce are already beginning to downsize their glitzy headquarters, and Amazon has paused its construction plans in Nashville. The ripple effect of the hybrid workforce is already affecting the commercial real estate market.

Work hours matter

The four-day workweek could be on the horizon for many — or at the very least, a popular topic of conversation among employees and their employers. With teams prioritizing flexibility in 2023, the 9-to-5 workday may cease to exist altogether. “Nonlinear workdays” — a trend fueled by the increase of remote work — will offer employees more freedom to choose their own working hours.

The side hustle will continue its reign

The gig economy continues to boom. High inflation rates and ever-entrepreneurial Gen Zers are just a few of the factors that are contributing to the increase in side hustles. According to a 2021 poll of ForceBrands’ LinkedIn audience, having a side hustle is no longer something a handful of employees are exploring. It’s become a mainstream activity that may soon be as common as having a full-time job.

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