Sure, your phone is an oasis of distraction. From social media to email, there’s always something to check. And it doesn’t help that there really is an app for everything.

Need to order food? Head to Seamless. Need to schedule a workout? Log into ClassPass. Need a cocktail delivered to your door just in time for happy hour? Enter Minibar Delivery. Want to track how many vertical feet you logged on your last ski vacation? Download EpicMix.

You get the point.

While it sounds counterintuitive to use an app to help increase your productivity, we’ve lined up some of the best ones that act as a digital assistant — scheduling tasks, programming reminders, and even syncing your priorities across multiple devices.

So forgo that digital detox and organize your life with these useful apps. Because do you ever just feel like you need a personal assistant? Yeah, there’s an app for that.

In no particular order, here are our top four picks. And bonus, they’re all free:

1. Cortana
A smart personal assistant brought to you by Microsoft, Cortana responds to your voice and will keep you updated on all your favorite things.
Available on Apple and Android

2. 24me
Rated one of the top 10 productivity apps on the App Store, 24me is a straightforward approach to organizing your day, setting up reminders, and syncing multiple calendars across all your devices.
Available on Apple and Android

3. Google
Leave it to the geniuses at Google to bring you a powerful app with great voice detection and intuitive search results. Complete daily tasks, search the web, check the weather — as the app’s description says, “The more you use the Google app, the better it gets.”
Available on Apple and Android

4. Hound
This Siri-like app is powered by AI and uses speech recognition to help you perform your tasks faster. The app’s nifty tagline says it all: Say it. Get it.
Available on Apple and Android