Whether you’ve been contemplating a career change for months or have found yourself periodically browsing online job boards for new opportunities, there’s a lot that goes into approaching the job search process. Knowing where to begin, determining how to get your résumé noticed, and understanding the kinds of roles that best fit your skill set can often feel like a full-time job — causing many to quit their search before they even begin.

But working with an Executive Recruiter, like those here at ForceBrands, can help you navigate those obstacles. Partnering with an Executive Recruiter can make the job hunt easier. If you’ve been contemplating whether or not a recruiting company is right for you as you begin your search, we’ve rounded up four of the biggest benefits Executive Recruiters bring to the hiring process.

1. A boost in objectivity
For many job seekers, it can be difficult to judge their qualifications for a certain role. This is especially true when it comes to switching fields or attempting to move up the corporate ladder. You may see a list of skills and experiences that an employer is looking for, but may be unsure how your skills and experiences stack up to the demands of the job.

Executive Recruiters can be an objective third-party in this process. They’re able to look at your résumé, the different skills and experiences you’ve gained in your previous positions, and let you know whether or not they think you’re a viable candidate. On the flip side, Executive Recruiters can also let you know if they think you’re overqualified for the positions you’ve been eyeing (1 in 4 college graduates are currently underemployed), and can encourage you to shoot higher (or as we like to say, #goHIRE).

2. Negotiation advice and assistance
According to a recent study, 29 percent of job seekers negotiated their salary at their current or most recent place of employment. Negotiations, whether they’re intended to increase salaries, add more benefits, or receive a different title, can be difficult to approach. Even candidates who are confident that they are worth more than they’re being offered don’t feel comfortable approaching the topic — in fact, 71 percent of the workforce didn’t feel comfortable engaging in a conversation with their employer about a pay raise.

Executive Recruiters can streamline the negotiation process. They act as a go-between for candidates and the company, ensuring that a company gets great value for their money but also ensuring that the job seeker is offered fair compensation, benefits that meet their needs, and a title that fits their skill level. That’s not to say that working with an Executive Recruiter guarantees that you’ll automatically be offered thousands of dollars more annually than if you’d gone it on your own, but it does mean that you’ll have someone else in your corner, helping you fight for the best possible offer.

3. Better interview preparation
Nothing can halt the forward momentum of the hiring process faster than a bad interview. You could look great on paper, with all of the necessary experience and skills, but bombing an interview all but ensures you won’t actually be offered the job. Experts recommend spending at least 10 hours preparing for an interview before you show up, but for many of us, finding that much extra time to prep seems unlikely.

Executive Recruiters who are hiring for a certain company typically have a long history with the employer. They know all the ins and outs, from information about the company’s culture to the skills the company values. A recruiter will be able to share some of that information with you and direct you on how best to prepare. So when it comes time for the big day, candidates can feel confident and ready without feeling as if they’ve sacrificed all of their spare time researching the company from outside sources on their own.

4. Better career prospects
The hidden job market is a very real thing. Many companies will never publically list a job; instead relying on Executive Recruiters, referrals, or an internal promotion to fill the position. Working with an Executive Recruiter can give you access to dozens of roles that you may have never known about otherwise.

Working with an Executive Recruiter can also move you from being just another nameless, faceless applicant for a position, to a real candidate. As you develop a relationship with your recruiting company, they’ll be able to present you as a whole person rather than as a list of accomplishments on a single piece of paper. This will almost always land you a place on the shortlist ahead of the hundreds of other applicants who applied on their own.

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