Located in a historic building in the heart of Philadelphia, Jacquin’s has been family owned and operated for the past three generations. The company’s portfolio consists of the country’s oldest produced cordials and exciting new innovations, including Pennsylvania DutchBartenders Trading CoIrish Manor, and more.

While the company has a deep-rooted heritage and a strong family legacy, the team is focused on the future and forward-looking innovations to remain relevant to today’s consumer. The newest member of its portfolio, Union Forge, launched in 2022 and was named ‘the best domestic vodka’ by The Fifty Best.

We caught up with Jacquin’s Vice President, Head of Marketing, Adam Weinberg, to learn more about how the historic company is building its team and portfolio in ‘high growth mode.’

ForceBrands: What sets Jacquin’s apart? How would you describe the company’s culture and mission? What makes it a great place to work?
Adam Weinberg: Jacquin’s is a family-owned, hundred-year-old startup. We have a long history of great brands as America’s Oldest Cordial Producer yet we are entrepreneurial and innovative and in high growth mode.

Our culture is similar to our home state of Pennsylvania — hard working, fast-paced, and prideful. What makes Jacquins a great place to work is its strong sense of family and community.

FB: How does Jacquin’s stay ahead of industry trends?
AW: Our third-generation owner and his family have created some of the most memorable and important spirits brands in recent history: Chambord, St. Germain, and Domaine de Canton. We continue to invest in finding new-to-world ideas and have a strong innovation pipeline with exciting new brands and products.

FB: What does top strategic talent look like to you?

Top talent for us looks like someone who is driven, is a self-starter, is positive and collaborative, and has a passion for our industry and for the brands we sell. 

FB: As America’s oldest cordial producer (est. 1884), how are you remaining relevant to today’s audience? What product innovations and/or marketing campaigns have proven most successful?
AW: We continue to invest in our brands to ensure that they are relevant to the next generation of consumers. This involves everything from packaging refreshes (on our entire Jacquin’s cordial line) to innovation and partnerships (Union Forge Vodka is an Official Vodka of the Philadelphia Flyers) as well as renovation (pivoting our Pennsylvania Dutch line from seasonal to every day). In fact, Penn Dutch has now won the Impact Hot Brand award for two consecutive years.

FB: Looking ahead, where do you see the most opportunity for growth from a product and/or personnel standpoint?
AW: Our largest opportunity is to expand our national brands deeper into chains and independents with brand blocks and display programs, win in the on-premise with exciting new luxury innovation, and continue to grow our Pennsylvania business with Union Forge vodka and our legacy Jacquin’s brand.

From a personnel perspective, building a strong and diverse team of professionals is instrumental to our company’s growth. Hiring experienced salespersons, marketing experts, and product developers will help drive expansion initiatives and will help strengthen our presence in various markets.

Furthermore, investing in training and development programs for existing employees will also be beneficial. Equipping our workforce with the latest industry knowledge, sales techniques, and technological skills will enhance our capabilities.

FB: You moved across the country to join Jacquin’s, what attracted you to the company and how would you describe the leadership team’s collaboration? 
AW: The opportunity to be a part of a startup mindset with the backing of a portfolio of strong brands is extremely unique in our industry. I was immediately attracted to the growth mindset of the leadership team and the passion everyone had for driving the growth of America’s Oldest Cordial Producer.  

Interested in joining the Charles Jacquin team? The company is actively hiring.

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