The wine and spirits industry is deeply rooted in tradition. From family-owned businesses passed down through generations to recipes steeped in time-honored processes, the industry is one that’s well established. And when it comes to benefits and perks, wine and spirits employers are likely to offer the kinds of conventional benefits that have long defined employee perks: 401(k) plans, pension plans, and paid maternity leave policies, to name a few.

According to ForceBrands’ recently released 2019 Wine and Spirits Talent Market Report that examines benefits and compensation packages inside the industry, wine and spirits companies are learning to be more progressive in an effort to help capture younger talent. For example, an increased number of companies are honoring work-life balance and offering benefits that help support families like on-site childcare and in vitro financial assistance. In addition, employers are coming up with innovative solutions to increase the retention of current employees like offering paid sabbaticals.

Below, we’ve rounded up some wine and spirits companies that are offering great employee perks. From speakeasies to wellness fairs, these benefits make employment opportunities at these companies all the more attractive. And many of them are actively hiring, too.

1. Campari
Crain’s New York Business recently named Campari’s Midtown West headquarters as “New York’s coolest office.” Featuring four bars that offer Campari’s products to employees and guests, an innovation lab where mixologists and brand ambassadors create craft cocktails, and sweeping views of Bryant Park, this is one office that’s enjoyable to go to, even on Monday mornings. And after they’ve clocked out for the day, employees can head to a speakeasy-style lounge hidden under a staircase, in an area typically reserved for storage or utilities, and enjoy an end-of-the-day drink or two. Until the end of 2018, the Italian spirit distributor’s North American headquarters had been located in San Fransisco. Their new office building in the heart of Manhattan offers totally unique perks for employees.

2. Pernod Ricard
Life at Pernod Ricard is centered around one word: conviviality. Meaning the quality of being friendly or lively, the word reminds Pernod Ricard team members to embody the values of inclusivity, individuality, and “making a new friend every day.” In practice, this looks like weekly themed cocktail hours, access to tons of relevant and modern learning opportunities, as well as opportunities for community outreach. Additionally, the team embraces a casual dress code, flexible work environments, and the office provides six resource groups, varying from one for LGBTQ+ folk to one for parents. The agile culture that office life at Pernod Ricard provides is also a huge perk for employees.

3. Francis Ford Coppola Winery
There is a sense of “family” community amongst the Francis Ford Coppola Winery staff, from the front of the house workers to those who work largely behind the scenes. This sense of community is evident in office life, and in the perks that accompany it. For example, there are over-the-top company and holiday parties, and an annual “wellness fair” that allows employees the opportunity to receive complimentary flu shots and health assessments. Additionally, employees receive incentives to carpool or bike to the office. Work-life balance is heavily encouraged with things like reimbursement for creative pursuits (think language classes, music camps, or acting lessons) and complimentary spa days.

4. Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits
Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits handcrafts their beverages as well as their benefits. On top of the standard benefits, employees get perks like wellness programs (often on the house!) that are tied to incentives in other areas of the job. The employees also engage in tons of community wellness activities, like walkathons, that allow their family life to mesh with their work lives. Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits also boasts one of the best service recognition programs in the country and has dozens of additional benefits specifically for long-tenured employees (like a 200 percent 401k match on the first 2 percent after 10 years of service).

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