COVID-19 has altered nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Workplaces are no exception. As more people transition to working remotely, different skill sets are required to navigate the new virtual workforce. But having digital expertise isn’t the only skill employees should consider learning in order to thrive in the post-pandemic workplace.

According to Fast Company, data from Gartner revealed the number of skills required for a single job was increasing at a rate of 10 percent per year. Research cites that one-third of skills listed in a 2017 job posting would not be relevant by 2021. As we head into 2021, here are some skills all employees will need to succeed in the coming years.

1. Self-direction
The pandemic has accelerated the rate in which roles and companies are evolving. Especially in a burgeoning remote workforce, traditional training methods to help develop and sharpen essential skills are changing. According to Fast Company, employees will have to take ownership of their work and their roles. They will have to be self-aware and recognize how they can collaborate with their companies to achieve the skills necessary to thrive in their changing roles.

2. Empathy
Perhaps one of the most underrated skills in employees and employers alike, empathy has been a key skill employers seek and need, especially in 2020. Navigating business in a pandemic is chaotic, and having a team comprised of empathetic employees helps make the challenges easier to overcome.

3. Motivational skills
According to research from Deloitte, the ability to self-motivate and inspire others is an incredibly sought-after skill, especially in uncertain times. As workplace norms change and evolve, employees should be persuasive and inspired to help drive business growth, even if the long-term future remains rocky.

4. Adaptability
One of the most obvious skills employees should have in a post-pandemic world is adaptability. Workplaces are evolving to hybrid models and are undergoing a host of other operational changes in the wake of COVID-19. Employees who learn to adapt to these changes will be the ones who will ultimately thrive.

Read the full list of skills on Fast Company’s website.