In 2018, global pet food sales reached $91 billion, a 31 percent growth since 2013. Compared to other CPG categories like packaged food (which grew 23 percent over the same time period), pet food growth is strong. This could partially be attributed to the fact that more American families own pets than ever before (68 percent in 2018 vs. 56 percent in 1988), but it may also have to do with the fact that there is a wealth of new luxurious pet food companies joining the market.

Below, ForceBrands has rounded up five pet food companies that are raising the bar when it comes to delivering premium products.

1. Pet Plate
Pet Plate takes the stress out of feeding your pet. A delivery service that starts at less than $3/day, all of the company’s meals are made with human-grade ingredients in a USDA facility. Renaldo Webb started the company in 2016 after bringing home his own dog, Winston, which prompted him to take a closer look at the ingredients inside many dog food brands on the market. His alternative, designed by a vet nutritionist, uses all-natural ingredients and is personalized for your pet. With four dog-approved flavors, Pet Plate shipments are flexible and will change the way you feed your pets.

2. Farmer’s Dog
Launched in 2015, Farmer’s Dog has been on a mission to help consumers skip the store, unhealthy preservatives, and costly markups when it comes to feeding their dogs. With plans starting at $2/day, the delivery service sends customers freshly made human-grade dog food in accordance with your pets customized, vet-approved plan. With more than 10 million meals delivered, Farmer’s Dog has garnered notice for its rejection of label tricks and highly-processed brown pellets. Owners can rest assured that their dogs will be getting all of their required nutrients in Farmer’s Dog meals without any additional supplements.

With five different formulas designed to meet the needs of all different types of dogs, CANIDAE is committed to cultivating new ways to do pet food better. The family-owned company, which began producing its dry food in 1996, has an on-site lab at their Brownwood, Texas facility that tests both the ingredients and finished products to ensure that they adhere to the company’s high safety standards. The lab also has a dedicated team that strives to find new and exciting ways to make pet food. Finally, CANIDAE is involved with the growth of some of the core crops used in their food and partners with other independent, family-owned businesses for the rest. Pet owners can pick up a bag of CANIDAE at local specialty pet stores, or order directly through the brand’s website.

4. NomNomNow
Formulated by Dr. Justin Shmalberg, a leader in vet nutrition, NomNomNow is all about pet food that acts as preventative medicine. As such, the food has been given a “care-grade” certification. Made fresh in the NomNomNow facilities each week from restaurant-quality ingredients, each meal is perfectly portioned and vacuum sealed before being delivered to your front door. There are four dog food varieties to choose from, as well as two for your feline companions. All varieties are formulated without fillers, preservatives, or by-products and are gently cooked to ensure nutrient retention.

5. Ollie
The smarter way to feed your pup, Ollie tailors your pooch’s food based on their age, breed, activity level, allergies, and ideal weight in order to ensure they’re eating just right. Made with high-quality meat and without any of the bad stuff, Ollie meals also include superfoods like chia seeds. Even better? Ollie is committed to the canine cause, donating 1 percent of their revenue to rescue organizations like the Sato Project.

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