When it comes to beauty and personal care products, consumers are seeking more transparency — organic skincare and gluten-free makeup are having a major moment, according to CB Insights.

But consumers aren’t just demanding transparency in ingredients. Beyond healthier products, people are increasingly drawn to more socially conscious and mission-driven companies (especially if they’re considering making a career move to these companies).

Read on as we explore five New York City-based beauty companies that are treating their employees to perks as indulgent as the products themselves.

1. Glossier
Since its launch in 2010, Glossier has quickly become the millennial beauty brand. Its success can be attributed not only to its products but to its vibrant office culture. Glossier is a lifestyle, as much as it is a product line, and those values are certainly reflected in the way the company treats its employees. All employees are given four weeks of paid vacation (which Glossier encourages them to use every year). The company offers four months of parental leave for new parents as well as a subscription to Maven (a virtual health clinic). They also have several full-time, remote positions which creates even more opportunities for work-life balance. Interested in working at Glossier? Check out their profile on BeautyForce to browse open roles as they’re posted.

2. Bliss
Founded in 1996, Bliss ignited a spa and skincare revolution with its cruelty-free products described as being ‘blissfully-free’ from parabens, phthalates, SLS, SLES, and other chemicals. With a belief that inner happiness leads to outward beauty, Bliss makes spa-powered skincare and body products for all budgets. They also ensure customers and corporate employees alike are relaxed and happy. Employees receive generous discounts on all spa services and products, paid vacation time and sick leave, and a comprehensive benefits package for all full-time team members.

A subsidiary of Tokyo-based SHISEIDO, SHISEIDO AMERICAS is the parent company of many of your favorite beauty brands including NARS, bareMinerals, Laura Mercier, and ReVive Skincare. With over 5,000 employees, SHISEIDO AMERICAS is committed to treating their team well. They offer 16 weeks of maternity leave, $1,000 of gratis products each year, half-day summer Fridays and a generous amount of paid vacation. With offices all around the world, SHISEIDO is also a great company to join if you are interested in relocating overseas (there is a good amount of lateral movement in the company between its various offices).

4. Kjær Weis
Kristen Kjær Weis, the founder of Kjær Weis Cosmetics, grew up on a farm in Denmark. Before developing her own organic and sustainable line of beauty products, she worked with a number of renowned fashion magazines and with a number of well-known celebrities. The company is young (launched in 2010), but thanks to Kristen’s expertise, is growing quickly. One of the most exciting things about the Kjær Weis environment is that it feels much like a startup, allowing employees to dip their toes into a number of different areas in order to find a position that best fits their skill sets.

At the foundation of all TULA skincare products are a number of probiotics, clinically proven to promote the skin’s natural balance. These probiotics lock in moisture, reduce the look of inflammation, and feed the skin — actually fixing the problem at the root of all of your skin issues instead of just masking it. Tula’s founder, Dr. Roshini Raj, is a big believer in balance, both in her products and in her personal life. She encourages TULA employees to take her same approach and find work-life balance in their busy careers. TULA is still very much a new company (founded in 2014), so the work is both challenging and creative, but they stick to their core values, offering generous amounts of paid time off, field work to get employees out from behind the desk, and a handful of gratis products each year.

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