For those seeking to begin or continue a career in the beverage industry, Miami should be high on the list of potential relocation cities for a number of reasons. To start, Miami’s food and beverage sectors are known for their diversity and originality, making the South Florida city an important, albeit slightly obscure, hub for the beverage industry.

Additionally, the job market in Miami is strong. At the end of 2018, the city reported a record low unemployment rate (3.6 percent), with the largest civilian workforce in Miami-Dade area history. And while wages have typically been lower in South Florida than in other areas of the country, the past few months have seen a general increase in the average wage, closing the gap between Miami and other competitive counterparts like Boston and New York City.

Finally, the global beverage sector is expected to reach a $1.60 trillion valuation by 2025, making the beverage industry an ideal place to grow and advance in over the next few years. Ready to join this burgeoning industry? Explore some great Miami-based beverage jobs below.

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