The new year is just around the corner, and there are countless exciting developments in the food industry to look forward to in 2019. While it’s clear that consumers are seeking out whole foods, plant-based alternatives to savory favorites, and transparency from big companies, there are more big trends in store for 2019.

Last week, we reported on the 2019 food trends as predicted by Whole Foods. But the healthy supermarket giant isn’t the only one calling shots on upcoming CPG trends.

Snack bar company KIND released their predictions for 2019 trends, according to Fast Company. Keep an eye out for these new tasty products and industry practices as we head into the new year.

1. Seed butter hits the shelves
By now, we know that healthy fat is nothing to fear — as a result, nut butters have surged in popularity, and seed butters are one of the next major trends on grocery store shelves. Similar in texture and flavor to nut butters, seed butters (think pumpkin and sunflower) are packed with protein and unsaturated fats. These are a tasty alternative to nut butters for people with allergies.

2. Get creative with African ingredients
Looking to spice up a few of your favorite recipes? In 2019, try experimenting with ingredients popular in African cuisine, which are expected to become more common in the U.S. Harissa paste, berbere spice mix, and tiger nuts could all be great additions to the pantry.

3. Choosing “ugly” produce
As people gain awareness of the environmental impact of their eating habits, consumers are becoming focused on sustainability and waste reduction. Although “ugly” or misshapen produce is often overlooked in stores, people are more open to picking out bruised or imperfect fruits and veggies in the name of ethical eating. Stores may even begin promoting “ugly” produce in advertising to capitalize on this trend.

4. Focus on fiber
With a growing body of research revealing the importance of maintaining a healthy gut microbiome, people are increasingly concerned about getting enough fiber into their diets. Expect labels to promote fiber as a major health benefit, along with probiotics and prebiotics for an added boost.

5. Wellness water
Maple water? Cactus water? It’s all fair game. KIND refers to these creative infusions as “H2-Whoa” — since coconut water became so popular, brands are now experimenting with all sorts of flavors to give ordinary water a kick. These beverages are another way for consumers to incorporate more essential nutrients into their diets while satisfying a sweet tooth.

6. Anti-added sugar
Healthy fats may have been redeemed, but as more information about the effects of refined sugar come to light, more consumers are looking to completely cut refined sugars from their diets. Expect brands to start differentiating between added sugars and natural sugars on nutrition labels — while many people understand that the latter generally isn’t a concern, consumers aren’t as keen on the former.

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