New year, healthier you? From career goals to lifestyle improvements, health reigns supreme when it comes to making new year’s resolutions. On average, 45 percent of people resolve to “live healthier” each year. These featured companies below are all founded by teams on a mission to live healthier and they have products to prove it.

These newly launched functional beverages are made with real, organic ingredients, and have minimal (or no) added sugars. In addition, they provide a wealth of health benefits from better sleep to boosted immunity. Check out our list below.

Best Healthy Functional Beverages

1. Mood 33
Made with 100 percent organic herbs, teas, and fruit extract, Mood 33 is a newly launched cannabis-infused sparkling tonic brand. With 10 mg of THC per 12-ounce bottle, Mood 33 offers a “standard serving size” of THC as designated by the state of California. The beverage brand will be offering three “moods” at the start of 2019: joy (yerba mate leaves, peppermint, and dried lemon peel), passion (sparkling green tea, passionfruit, and lime), and calm (chamomile, rose hibiscus, and raspberry) — all infused with locally grown and sourced cannabis. Mood 33 is on a mission to improve our collective environment, the way we treat ourselves, each other, and the planet we share. The company also donates 2 percent of their profits to mental health charities.

fizzy fox

2. Fizzy Fox
“Fizzy Fox is our line of plant-based sodas crafted with organic apple cider vinegar, fruits, vegetables, spices, and sparkling water,” Co-Founder Natalia Farhadmotamed told ForceBrands. “Apple cider vinegar has been used for millennia to promote a healthy gut biome, control, and lower blood sugar levels, and boost immune systems.” Hailing from a simpler time, Fizzy Fox Sparkling Shrubs is bringing a modern twist to a retro drink. Long before refrigeration and the rise of sugar-packed sodas and juices, there were shrubs. Extremely popular during the prohibition, shrubs mixed fruits and vegetables with apple cider vinegar and sparkling water to create tart drinking tonics. Fizzy Fox is bringing these beverages — crafted from real, organic, and simple ingredients — back to store shelves in three flavors: Carrot Ginger Tumeric, Berry Cinnamon, and Pineapple Mint.

3. Som Sleep
Great health starts with sleep. Designed by Abdul Khan, Rob Bent, and Christine Khan to help solve their own sleep problems, Som Sleep is a clean, drug-free beverage that contains ingredients like Magnesium, L-Theanine, Vitamin B6, Gaba, and Melatonin. Som Sleep’s products help you relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep without the side effects of over-the-counter medications or prescription sleep aids. With an original and sugar-free version, the drinks top out at 40 calories and are currently one of Amazon’s top-rated natural sleep aids.

GT Kombucha

4. GT’s Dream Catcher
If you’ve resolved to make 2019 a healthier year, then there’s a good chance you’ve tried some of GT’s offerings. Their kombucha and adaptogenic teas are wildly popular, but they have a new product rolling out to stores across the country toward the end of 2018. Dream Catcher is a CBD-infused wellness water that contains 25mg of CBD per 10-ounce bottle. Flavors include Blood Rose, Cucumber Basil, Orange Elderflower, and Ginger Lemongrass — all made without any added sugar. The drinks are made with plant-based essences as well as raw apple cider vinegar. While legal issues surrounding CBD use may limit the beverage’s initial footprint, GT’s founder, GT Dave, is confident the product will soon be offered nationwide.

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