When it comes to keeping up with the changing appetites of generations, marketers aren’t just looking to millennials for cues anymore to attract new consumers — as Gen Zers grow older and have more disposable incomes, their tastes and preferences are increasingly pointing brands in new directions.

These companies should understand that this generation has always been tech-savvy — they grew up with the Internet, and smartphones are a necessity when it comes to communication, research, and shopping. Gen Zers want to know that their dollars are going toward brands with shared values. They’re socially conscious and politically aware, and they want to spend their money on products that reflect this.

Business Insider recently reported on Gen Z’s top 100 favorite brands. Here are a few of the food companies that Gen Zers consider to be some of their favorites.

1. Jif
Although the nut butter competition has never been more competitive, Jif remains the leading peanut butter brand in the U.S. — and has held this position since 1981. In 2018, Jif teamed up with Hilary Duff and Boys & Girls Clubs of America for their “Imagine If, With Jif” contest that aims to fund kids’ entrepreneurial ideas. Gen Z has favored companies like Jif that aim to make a positive difference through social campaigns.

2. Oreo
Oreo was voted the most trustworthy brand among Gen Zers, and it’s easy to see why: their classic cookie is a childhood favorite, and they have continued to get creative with new flavors like Banana Split Creme and Watermelon. Furthermore, Oreo cookies happen to be vegan, which appeals to Gen Zers who are adopting plant-based diets and still want to enjoy their favorite sweet treats.

3. Hershey’s
Hershey’s is planning to expand with a variety of new snack options — while their chocolate bars and Hershey’s Kisses are still beloved favorites, the company plans to bring fresh offerings to grocery stores shelves. Hershey’s is also investing more in digital marketing to sustain their popularity with younger generations. In addition, the company owns two other brands that Gen Z ranks as very trustworthy: M&M’s and Snickers.

4. Kraft Mac & Cheese
Kraft Mac & Cheese is the ideal dinner for dorm life: it’s not gourmet cooking, but it’s affordable, quick, and comforting after a long day of lectures and exams. With so many Gen Zers now attending college, it’s clear that plenty of them still gravitate toward this childhood favorite. Sometimes, it’s best to reach for something tasty and convenient.

Check out the full list from Business Insider here.

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