Over the last month, 56.6 million students between kindergarten and 12th grade headed back to school. The staggering number is the highest ever reported for public schools. But for those of us who are not heading back to school this fall, it doesn’t mean education and learning have to end.

Fall is a great season to revisit and refresh your career. Whether you’re just launching into an entry-level role after graduating or are a seasoned professional at the executive level, there’s never a bad time to explore growth and development opportunities at your company.

In the spirit of a new school year beginning, we’ve rounded up five food companies that offer tuition assistance and professional development opportunities to their employees.

1. Factory LLC
Factory LLC is a powerhouse company for emerging consumer brands looking to make an impact in the industry. An experienced team of operators with $250 million of investable capital, the group acquires meaningful equity stakes in high potential food, beverage, and pet health companies. The partnership allows for rapid value growth for brands like Pipcorn, Mikey’s, and Stuffed Puffs. Working at Factory LLC has been described as an on-the-job MBA as it allows hands-on experience in every aspect of the food and beverage businesses. The investment firm supercharges not only the brands it works with but the careers of its team members as well.

2. SnackNation
America’s No. 1 snack delivery service SnackNation sends subscribers a variety of clean, healthy snacks (there are more than 5,000 to choose from) on a regular schedule at prices well below retail value. Striving to fuel the workforce with better-for-you choices that increase joy and productivity, SnackNation has adopted the mantra “better every day.” This line of thinking applies not only to its service but also to its employees. Team members at every level work with mentors to identify professional goals and pathways to achieve them. This growth mindset that is one of the company’s core values, means that not only are employees moving up within the company but they’re growing personally as well. It also earned them a “Best Company for Professional Development” award in 2019.

3. Kodiak Cakes
Formulated with 100 percent whole grains and packed with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, all Kodiak Cakes mixes are designed to provide you with the fuel needed for an active lifestyle. The Utah-based company sells everything from the classic flapjack mix to boxed brownies and oatmeal packets, but its primarily known for its unparalleled work environment. Benefits include fun things like all-you-can-eat flapjacks to an active lifestyle allowance. Perhaps more importantly, however, they’re committed to developing each individual along their career path. From providing frequent training opportunities to personal development plans, Kodiak Cakes ensure their employees are set up to succeed.

4. KIND Snacks
KIND is nuts about its snacks, its mission, and its team. From their whole ingredient nut and protein bars to their dried fruit snacks, KIND is on a mission to ensure every snack you grab is low in sugar and high in nutritional value. They’re also on a mission to see their team members grow into the best possible versions of themselves. From tuition reimbursements to one-on-one coaching, the brand offers a host of employee benefits that allow individuals to grow both professionally and personally.

5. Clif Bar
Beyond just creating the ultimate performance energy bar, Clif Bar works to produce the ultimate team. The organic, plant-based energy bars, granolas, and endurance bites are long-time standouts on shelves, and the company’s culture is an equally long-time stand out in the industry. Clif Bar offers a variety of awesome employee benefits including paid sabbaticals, an athletic stipend, and career growth opportunities. The brand has created an in-house learning program which includes classes throughout the year that allow employees to learn new skills and gain new knowledge. They also offer a tuition assistance program that allows team members to seek new knowledge at a variety of higher education institutions.

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