According to a recent survey conducted by Glassdoor, 57 percent of people reported that benefits and perks are among the top things they consider before accepting a job. While good health insurance is the No. 1 benefit employees want most from their new employer, food and drink perks didn’t fall too far behind.

We’ve rounded up four companies with some of the most indulgent food and drink perks out there.


1. MillerCoors
MillerCoors brews some of America’s most popular and well-known beers. Beer aficionados will be delighted to know that there are dozens of beer-related perks that come with a position at the company. The perks begin shortly after you accept a position with the brand — new hires are given a beer appreciation course that culminates with a gourmet brew-paired dinner in the Miller beer caves. Every month, the company hosts a gathering for beer and cider lovers called Brewers Unleashed, where attendees can learn about the history behind several tasty brews. They also offer homebrewing classes, provide free alcohol at the end of every workday, and have a set monthly quantity of gratis beer.

Ben and Jerrys

2. Ben & Jerry’s
Have a sweet tooth? Look no further than Ben & Jerry’s. Here’s the scoop: Employees are allowed to take home three pints of their favorite flavors every day. Their flavor gurus, who are responsible for inventing new flavors seasonally, take “trend trips” each year where they eat their way through cities around the country. They order every single dessert on the menus of local restaurants to uncover new food trends and flavors.

3. Whole Foods
The biggest health foods retailer in the country, Whole Foods offers some incredible ‘edible’ perks. To start, all employees receive 20 percent off their groceries each time they shop. Free holiday food, like turkeys and pies, are another major perk, as are one-on-one meetings with nutritionists who ensure all Whole Foods employees are properly nourishing their bodies. The biggest benefit though? Four times a year, the company sends team members on two- to four-week volunteer trips and immersion programs to learn how and where their products are sourced. They cover 100 percent of the employee’s travel costs, as well as 50 percent of the cost of a plus-one should they decide to bring someone along.

4. Trader Joe’s
While employees at grocery store chain Trader Joe’s might not get as big of a grocery discount as shoppers at Whole Foods (10 percent at Trader Joe’s vs 20 percent at Whole Foods), the fact that the prices are lower to begin with means that this discount can go a long way. In addition, Trader Joe’s employees are given opportunities to try products in the breakroom, where newcomers and old favorites are placed on heavy rotation for all to enjoy. And finally, buyers get free trips to exotic locations around the world in order to scout out the best dumplings, goyza, curries, etc. on the market to add to the Trader Joe’s lineup. Talk about a dream job.

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