For many New Yorkerscoffee is more than just a part of one’s daily routine; it’s an important ritual that cannot be compromised. It goes without saying that in a city of 8.5 million, there are more than enough coffee shops to fuel the busy days (and nights) of residents and tourists alike. With so much competition, it’s easy to overlook some great brands that are not only brewing a strong ‘cup of joe,’ but are bringing together incredible talent to create the ultimate winning blend: a great team.

If you’re looking to elevate your coffee experience and take it to the next level, consider putting your passion to work at some of these great New York-based coffee brands listed below. Because as the old saying goes, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

Read on to get an inside look at the ambitious (and well-caffeinated) people brewing great team cultures inside these New York City coffee companies.

Trade Coffee

1. Trade Coffee
Trade is an e-commerce destination that brings U.S. specialty and third wave roasters directly to consumers at the click of a button with convenient delivery and personalized recommendations utilizing data science and human intelligence. In other words, it’s a way to take your expensive coffee shop habit home. Trade’s Head of Coffee, Marcus Boni is brewing up culture in a big way. “The entire Trade crew has a deep respect for what we’re creating and the product we work with,” Boni told ForceBrands exclusively. “They go out of their way to ask questions and learn, particularly when it relates to how a consumer might experience or perceive something. Knowing our team is fairly humble, they never give themselves enough credit in trusting their palettes and knowing all the variables involved in getting to the best cup of coffee possible.”

Nobletree Coffee

2. Nobletree Coffee
Crafted with passion and precision, Nobletree Coffee uses a state-of-the-art roasting facility located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, to produce an array of vibrant, exciting coffees with fully traceable, transparent histories. The name Nobletree is a nod to the history of coffee trees with respect to those who first transported them from Ethiopia to the tropics of the Atlantic. Respect is inherent in the Nobletree Coffee culture as they continue the tradition of valuing everyone involved in growing, roasting, and preparing coffee. Their team is made up of talented individuals who are as enthusiastic about life as they are for a great cup of coffee.

Forto Coffee

These high energy coffee shots are made with organic and fair-trade cold brew. Founder Neel Premkumar was inspired to start FORTO after the birth of his twin daughters. Parenting, coupled with his busy work travel, led him to create a wholesome, convenient, energy solution. The team at FORTO embodies this go-getter spirit and is made up of parents, athletes, and adventurers, who aim to make healthy decisions while pushing limits.

Wandering Bear

4. Wandering Bear
Launched in 2014, this Manhattan-based coffee company prides itself on being the original cold brew in a box. Founders Ben Gordon and Matthew Bachmann met in grad school and bonded over their shared passion for cold brew. The name Wandering Bear represents their approach to all-things cold brew: strong, playful, and curious. The brand secured $8 million in Series A funding earlier in 2018 and plans to put a large portion of those funds toward strategic key hires — they are in the process of building out their leadership team.

RISE Brewing Co. Team

5. RISE Brewing Co.
The four founders of RISE Brewing Co. started cold brewing from their New York City apartments. And in 2015, RISE was born. Packaged in the country’s only shelf-stable nitro coffee can, this cold brew focuses on flavor, ingredients, and innovation. “We have a very autonomous work environment which provides incredible opportunities for our employees,” CEO and Co-Founder Grant Gyesky told us in an exclusive interview. “Even during our earliest days, there has always been a culture at RISE to innovate without limitation.”

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