November is National Gratitude Month and while appreciation is certainly celebrated on Thanksgiving, the sentiment shouldn’t be reserved for a single holiday or even a month.

In fact, research has proven that there are numerous benefits to practicing gratitude. Expressing your appreciation improves well-being, reduces stress, and helps build resilience. Research also suggests that practicing gratitude can help you become a more patient person — something that goes a long way in today’s busy workplace.

At ForceBrands, we celebrate gratitude all year long by continually recognizing the people who inspire us to level up in our own careers. Our ongoing #appreciateyou campaign is a great way to get involved and express your own gratitude for the colleagues who have made an impact on your professional growth.

Have a coworker in mind? Let us know and we’ll share it. Simply submit your nomination here to express your gratitude.

We’ll share the responses on social media.